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Natural Organic Pest Control Products

natural pest control productsMany of us try to do things “naturally.” When controlling pests, we’d like to be able to that “naturally,” too. By taking simple actions around the house, we can often naturally prevent pest infestations. There are some simple things you can do now for natural pest control without buying a thing, too.

Natural or organic pest control means whatever we use to kill bugs involves a product that Mother Nature makes — not a product that is man-made. Generally, people assume that if it’s “natural,” it is safer than non-natural products. That’s true, in most cases.

But the drawback to many organic natural pest control products is that they do not work as well as man-made products. However, certain natural products are very useful. Bug & Weed Mart carries about 40 organic or natural pest control products:

  • Glue Traps: VERY effective in diagnosing what kind of pest you have in or out of your home
  • Bacterium-containing products: like foams that eat out clogged drains for flies and and various insects, bacterium granules can control mosquito larvae from 100 square feet to four acres and are safe for animals, and bacterium sprays for fruits & vegetables
  • Natural Borates: for wood treatment to kill termites for 2-40+ years; to use in dust form for roach control and to add to mop water for roach control in restaurants
  • Pheromone-containing glue boards: naturally attract bees away from re-entering places they’ve been before
  • Physical, non-chemical barriers/traps: stainless steel bird spikes, animal traps; bedbug detection traps
  • Natural Repellents: for snakes, rabbits, etc.
  • Natural Pyrethrums: noted for its fast action, and almost NO residual action, pyrethrum products come in aerosol crack/crevice forms and hand-held intermittent foggers for in-room mosquito/fly/gnat control.
  • A Citric Acid-based product which can be used on food-preparation areas of home kitchens and restaurants that instantly kills insects

All of these organic natural pest control products work! Please come to any of our Bug & Weed Mart stores to find out which organic natural pest control products work best for you.

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