What You Need to Know to Do Your Own Pest Control

Bugs like scorpions, crickets, spiders, and ants are a part of life, but if you can get rid of them yourself – easily and a lot less expensively than hiring a professional – then we are here to show you how to do your own pest control. All the managers at each of our store locations in the Phoenix metro area are very knowledgeable in the area of DIY pest control. They can show you the products that work best for the pests you have and then provide written instructions on how those products should be used to get the best results.

Here are a few steps you can take to do your own pest control:

  • Spreading a 3-4′ barrier of granules in the landscaping around your home will help keep pests from invading your patio area and house. The same size barrier can be used to protect yourself from any pests that might visit from neighboring houses by spreading the granules 3-4′ from your neighbor’s property on your landscaping. A handheld spreader works great to spread this product quickly and easily.
  • Next, spray up the walls of your house about 3-4′, around window and door frames, and under the roof overhang. Spraying around any columns or ledges also helps to keep pests away.
  • Granulate and spray approximately every 2 months or so for best results. And watering the landscaping after granulating helps release the chemical so it does a better job of protecting your home from a pest invasion.

Our products are environmentally safe, the same quality that professionals use, and safe around pets. We also carry natural and organic products, too. It’s easy to do your own pest control if you know how to do it. Come into any of our Valley-wide locations and we’ll show you how to keep bugs away. We’re open 6 days a week.