Olive Tree Care

  This year, stop those nasty olive blossoms before they drop all over your walkways. Olive tree care is simpler than you might think. If you have olive trees, you may not know that you can prevent those olives from growing by applying a “growth regulator” to the tree. When properly applied at the right [...]

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Make it a Bug Free Holiday Season

Enjoy a Bug Free Holiday Season with gift ideas for the do-it-yourself pest and weed control enthusiast. Bug & Weed Mart sells black lights, gloves, ant bait, glue traps and more!

How To Keep Your Pump-Up Tank Sprayer in Tip Top Shape

When you do it yourself, you need the right tools. If you’re going to spray for bugs and weeds, the right tool to have is a pressurized, pump-up tank sprayer. Like any mechanical tool, your pump-up tank sprayer needs basic care to keep it working. Many of our customers find that the sprayer they bought [...]

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Safely Store Chemicals

Safety First: How To Safely Store Chemicals and Pest Control Supplies Whenever you buy products from Bug & Weed Mart, you know you'll get detailed professional advice from our store manager.  He'll recommend the right pest control supplies, show you exactly how to safely mix the right amount of product, at the right strength, and [...]

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What To Look For In A Tank Sprayer

A Tank Sprayer—Your Most Important Tool Bug & Weed MART sells sprayers? You probably already know that Bug & Weed MART sells professional-strength, EPA-approved, safe products for all of your pest and weed control needs. But what you may not know is that we also sell top-notch, affordable tank [...]

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Bug & Weed Mart Introduces B & G Equipment Sprayers

B & G Equipment sprayers At Bug & Weed Mart, where we have been assisting our customers with do-it-yourself pest and weed solutions since 1979, we have some BIG news! In addition to carrying the very best pest and weed control products available, we now have added perhaps the finest pump-up sprayers ever [...]

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