Bug and Weed Mart Locations

Jim LaBrie opened Bug and Weed Mart in 1979 because, as a homeowner, he couldn’t afford to hire a professional pest control company and the available products from hardware/garden stores didn’t work very well. Since Jim and his son, Joe, are passionate about getting rid of ALL pests, they understand that pest and weed control are unavoidable tasks, but easy do-it-yourself projects. Jim says, “That’s why we take so much time with each of our customers, to be sure they understand exactly what to do with our products and how to do it.”

Each of Bug and Weed Mart’s Phoenix metro locations is staffed by a Manager trained to choose the right product for any issue a customer has and to explain the correct and safe way to apply each professional product to get the best result.

Bug and Weed Mart offers state-of-the-art, EPA-registered, professional products – exactly what industry professionals use! And, they carry 21 organic or natural products. All their products are safe for use around people and pets.

The five East Valley locations are easy to find, so that almost everyone can get to a Bug and Weed Mart for all their pest and weed control needs. The Phoenix location services those who live in central Phoenix.

The owners of Bug and Weed Mart encourage you to come into any (or all!) of their Valley-wide stores to find out why so many customers have been with them from the beginning.

STORE HOURS: Monday – Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm • Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm • Closed Sunday

Call us if you’re running late. We may be able to stay a bit after hours.