post emergent herbicideA post emergent herbicide is a weed killer that is applied after the weeds have popped up in your yard. Here in the Valley of the Sun, this happens all too frequently during monsoon because of all the rain and humidity. Even if you’ve been using pre emergents to kill the weeds before they start growing, some pesky weeds will still manage to find their way to the surface. But we have some great do-it-yourself tips on how to get rid of weeds.

Weed seeds are present just about everywhere and they can be dispersed by wind, water, animals, soil amendments, poor quality grass seed, and lawn and garden equipment. So even if you’ve been diligent about spraying your lawn with a pre emergent so you never have weeds, the little buggers are pretty persistent, so being vigilant about your weed control is important.

Using a post emergent herbicide properly can control existing weeds, but they require activation and carefully controlled application conditions for the best results. Applying them too late or too early is basically a waste of time and the herbicide.

Post emergent herbicides either attack the foliage or seep down to the roots of the weed. They come in either a spray or as granules. Young, actively growing weeds are easier to kill than mature weeds, which might require repeat applications in order to get rid of them.

Whether you are trying to stop weeds from growing in the first place or trying to get rid of weeds once they’ve already shown their ugly mug, Bug & Weed Mart has the professional grade products you need to do your own weed and pest control. We also sell what you’ll need to apply the products and will give you written instructions so you can have the results you want, though you can always check out our handy tips, too.