Do Bed Bugs FlyAs if these creepy crawly pests aren’t disturbing enough, asking “Do bed bugs fly?” is a question some might be afraid to hear the answer to. Bed bugs do have front wings, but those wings have lost their function over time, so bed bugs do not fly. They are also not able to jump long distances either. Bed bugs simply crawl using their six legs to get to where they’re going. They move from host to host by crawling onto either a person or a person’s clothes or other items (like backpacks and books) and then crawl onto their next host. This means bed bugs are very easy to spread from one location to another – whether it’s inside your home or elsewhere.

After asking “Do bed bugs fly” and discovering, thankfully, that they do not, it should be noted that the little buggers can move pretty quickly. They can actually crawl up to four feet a minute on surfaces where their feet have traction. That means they cover a lot of ground to get to where they’re going. And where they’re going is anywhere there’s food. Which means you.

More about bed bugs

Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. Though they can live up to a year without feeding, they normally try to feed every five to ten days. They are usually active at night and adult bed bugs are easy to spot if you look in the seams and crevices of your mattress. We carry a test so you can check to see if you have bed bugs and we also have mattress protectors to prevent these pests from getting into your bed in the first place.

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