olive tree care

This year, stop those nasty olive blossoms before they drop all over your walkways. Olive tree care is simpler than you might think. If you have olive trees, you may not know that you can prevent those olives from growing by applying a “growth regulator” to the tree. When properly applied at the right time each year, you’ll still be able to enjoy the tree in full bloom, but without many (or any) olives. Applied by using a hose-end sprayer, it absorbs into the tree through the leaves. This tricks the tree into stopping olive production as a self-defense mechanism, even though the stress isn’t real.

Here’s what you can do for olive tree care:

  • Spray buds once they’ve all flowered (10 to 17 days after the blooms appear); after the blossoms are wide-open, but before the olive buds begin to form (2-5 days).
  • Cover all the branches, completely saturating the blossoms & leaves. Use a ladder to cover the highest branches. Coat every blossom thoroughly.
  • Allow the tree to dry completely (1/2 day).
  • Water the tree deeply.

At Bug & Weed Mart, we will show you exactly what you need to do for olive tree care and how to prevent olives so you no longer have a mess everywhere, but can still enjoy the tree itself. We have the olive growth regulator and the hose-end sprayer needed for this job. In fact, we have everything you need for any pest or weed problem. We offer safe, EPA-approved, professional grade products and expert advice.

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