What is Nutgrass

What is nutgrass and how can I get rid of it?

Nutgrass, also called nutsedge, is a perennial, which is a plant that comes back time after time. The plant looks like a very tiny palm tree and has a thin stalk with long, thin, light green leaves and small flower and seed bunches on the top if it’s allowed to grow. Nutgrass can grow to around 4 ½ feet high if left unchecked. As it grows, it shoots out a complex underground system of tubers and roots that spreads and reproduces. Eventually, a thick bunch of nutgrass forms and expands, and nearby crops, plants, and grasses can be choked out by the hardy and resilient weed.

Getting rid of nutgrass is a difficult process. Digging the weed out is recommended, but it can be really tough to figure out if you got the whole plant. It’s pesky and determined, so it might look like you got it all, but then find your yard dotted with nutgrass the next time it rains. Foiled again!

Nutgrass grows much faster than grass, which makes it easy to spot in your yard, but a pain to have to keep dealing with. It’s actually a nutritious meal for pigs and birds, though, so if you have a pig, let it graze on the nutgrass and you’ll be giving the animal a treat while getting rid of nutgrass.

Since most people don’t have pigs, you can try sprinkling sugar on your lawn or yard and then misting the area with water, which has been said to be effective. When those DIY remedies end up not working, come into any of our six Bug & Weed Marts and talk with one of our managers. They’ll be able to give you the step by step process so you can get rid of nutgrass.