How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

How to Get Rid of Ants NaturallyAnts can be a real pain; they march their way through cracks and crevices, up walls, and establish themselves in your yard – with anthills always inconveniently built where you entertain. Ant infestations are no picnic and having them do their own entertaining at your picnic is no fun. These industrious pests are easy to avoid, though, if you know what you’re doing. We can show you how to get rid of ants naturally.

Bug & Weed Mart sells about 40 natural or organic pest control products, including some that are natural ant killer products. These natural products are just a few among many professional-strength products Bug & Weed Mart carries. All of our products are EPA-approved and, when used properly, are safe for your pets, plants, and children. We even sell various pyrethrum products, which are derived from the chrysanthemum flower found in Kenya.

As far as other natural ant killers that we carry, there are a couple of very effective liquid-spray concentrates that work great! We show you how to determine the proper dose/mix, and how to then apply the solution. If it’s just situational or occasional “spot” treatments, this is a great way to go.

Another natural solution is to place glue boards in the areas the ants travel. Glue boards are excellent tools in general for monitoring any pest issue.

However, if the problem persists, moving away from the “natural” category into a safe ant bait item would be the next step. A bait will actually bring the entire ant colony down, so it’s a very fast, effective treatment method.

We have what you need to get rid of ants in your house or yard, either with natural ant killers or other products the professionals use. Just stop in to any of our Bug & Weed Mart locations and speak with one of our Certified Managers.

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  2. There are plenty of great, natural ways to get rid of ants from your home. This is great advice, thanks so much for sharing!

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