Properly Store Your Pest Control Supplies

Safely Store Chemicals

pest control suppliesSafety First: How To Safely Store Chemicals and Pest Control Supplies

Whenever you buy products from Bug & Weed Mart, you know you’ll get detailed professional advice from our store manager.  He’ll recommend the right pest control supplies, show you exactly how to safely mix the right amount of product, at the right strength, and how to apply it effectively. In fact, we even write tips for you on the product itself so you are always ready! And we also remind you to shake the product well before you mix your liquid concentrate. But we also want you to know how to safely store all your pest control supplies.

If we’ve written STORE INDOORS on your pest control supplies, know that this is very important for a few reasons, namely:

  • the active ingredient(s) in the product will remain at full strength
  • periods of high temperatures and direct sunlight can separate/discolor the contents, losing strength and possibly no longer be “colorless” when applied

Preserve your investment, and when you see STORE INDOORS, make sure you securely store that product in cool, dry, food-free, air-conditioned places like under the kitchen sink, or in the laundry room, coat closet, etc.  Garages & storage sheds are killers for many of these products, so beware!

Not exactly sure how to store what you have? Just call us and we’ll let you know how to store your pest control supplies. In some cases, you CAN safely store products in the hot garage or storage shed. We’re glad to help and we are open 6 days a week, at all our Valley-wide locations.

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