how to get rid of cricketsAs temperatures cool down, many of us tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in our patio and backyard areas. It’s also the same time of year when we begin to notice more bugs are out, especially crickets. You may hear them chirping before you see them. It’s a pleasant sound when it’s outside, but if they get in your home, that noise can be downright annoying!

Crickets thrive in a number of outdoor landscapes, and they also like coming into your home and feeding on anything from bread crumbs to your best suits and sweaters! Their favorite thing to eat is rotting plant matter – citrus that fell from your tree and hasn’t been picked up, weeds that are dying, and any other rotting vegetation.

How to get rid of crickets

Cleaning up clutter is a great way to start to get rid of crickets. Removing wood piles and any yard waste goes a long way in getting rid of crickets and all types of other bugs and unwanted critters. But we also have the basic formula for the ultimate perimeter treatment with our professional, EPA approved products:

spray (indoor & outdoor) + granule (in soil) = success!

Bug & Weed Mart has been dealing with pests like crickets for over 30 years, and we can help you, too!  We show you exactly how to control those crickets (as well as all other pests) with safe, easy-to-apply products and personalized instructions from our trained staff. Come see us at any of our 5 stores Valley-wide, open 6 days a week.