An Arizona Native’s Approach to Getting Rid of Scorpions

Glenn R. Mattingly entered our recent Ultimate Scorpion Hunter Contest by submitting a video that simply illustrates some of his techniques for combating scorpions at his home. These tips are great for anyone who has a scorpion problem and also works for those who believe they don’t have a scorpion problem. Getting rid of scorpions is easy if you just follow these steps:

  • Keep sprinkler/water boxes scorpion-free by using granules and spray
  • How scorpions enter your home through window screens
  • Scorpion-proof bathroom exhaust vents with screens and duct tape to keep scorpions from entering
  • Patch grooves (joints) in concrete that run under most garage doors
  • Create homemade, super-sized sticky boards by putting double stick tape on a venetian blind and placing it inside doorways to trap scorpions
  • Treat the “MOTHER LOAD” of year ‘round scorpion habitats by using powder inside the H blocks located on exterior block walls
  • For serious scorpion hunting, utilize the ancient art of hunting with an atlatl (one of the first weapons used by man over 30,000 years ago) – not for kids and Bug & Weed Mart does not recommend this technique!

There’s also a guest appearance by Spartacus, the traveling scorpion!

Bug & Weed Mart sells the spray, granules, and powder needed to follow these scorpion-preventing tips, so stop in at any of our 5 Valley-wide locations to learn how to get rid of scorpions.

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