10 Tips for Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Caulk to help keep cockroaches out.

Caulk to help keep cockroaches out.

When it comes to pests, Arizona has a fair amount of species to deal with and that’s just from the cockroach family! There are at least 20 different species in the Valley of the Sun, but the most common is the German (house/apartment roach) and the American (sewer roach). We’ve put together our top ten tips for getting rid of cockroaches.

The sewer or American roach can be easily eliminated by a combination of granules and sprays (i.e. steps one through three). However, the German roach is a little trickier. They have built up a resistance to sprays, so we suggest using a recipe of invisible, odorless roach sterilants, a crack and crevice dust, and roach bait. But for this process to be truly effective and deter the cockroaches from coming back, it’s important to also carry out the following steps:

  1. Clear debris: Remove clutter, leaves, and any debris in your yard away from the property.
  1. Apply granules: Sprinkle granules in the nuisance areas and water in after the first application.
  1. Apply spray: Spray the patio, door frames, window frames, the sides and perimeter of the property.
  1. Seal off entry points: Using caulk, seal off any holes or cracks to prevent the roaches from gaining entry, including around pipes, baseboards, doors and windows.
  1. Repair leaks: Check your gutter for leaks. You may consider redirecting the A/C condenser away from the property to prevent gutter run-off or condensation from your unit pooling near the foundation. Also, check the garden hose and sprinkler lines for leaks.
  1. Install screens over vents, ducts, and floor drains: Eliminate opportunities for roaches to enter.
  1. Fix dripping faucets inside home: Roaches need water to live and a dripping faucet is the perfect watering hole.
  1. Don’t leave trash around: Take out the trash as soon as the can is full; the same goes for recycling.
  1. Keep food containers sealed: This includes pet food, too. If you use a pantry to store food containers, store them on the top shelf away from the interior wall.
  1. Raise boxes and stored items off your garage floor and away from walls: Roaches will easily crawl into boxes and live there, breeding more roaches.

At Bug & Weed Mart, we carry all the products you need to do it yourself. We’ll also provide you with specific instruction to eradicate the problem and prevent it from returning year after year. Each of our store managers is a certified applicator who will take the time to make sure you know exactly how to carry out the job. Stop by any of our five Valley stores and you’ll soon be getting rid of cockroaches.


  1. Nadia June 19, 2018 at 7:51 pm - Reply

    Excellent information, cockroaches are a problem for me. Thank you.

    • J. LaBrie June 20, 2018 at 7:27 am - Reply

      Nadia, sorry to hear that those darn cockroaches are a problem for you! Seriously, we hate them, too!

      When you get time, stop into one of our 5 valley-wide stores. We are open everyday except Sunday, and there is ALWAYS a knowledgable, helpful manager there to listen to your situation and provide you with what you need AND show you EXACTLY how to apply it. Or, maybe you just need some tips, and we are good for helping you with those, too!

      Keep up the fight and hopefully we can help you overcome those roaches!

      Joe, Mgr-Phx Store

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