Desert subterranean termites, AZ’s most common termite, prefer high-temperature, low-humidity climates, making our arid Sonoran desert a prime target. They live in underground colonies, often outdoors in desert plants, dead cactus, woodpiles, etc. They are also commonly found in boxes, as well as in any wood surfaces of the walls of homes and other structures. Termite damage can easily reach into the tens of thousands of dollars if left unchecked.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that you subterranean termite damage inside your home:

• wood can look honeycombed/pocked, and the open exterior surfaces will have soil residue
• “drop tubes” hang from the ceiling/rafters

termite damage

Signs of termite damage.

• holes in the walls that are plugged with termite feces

Since desert subterranean termites like living in the soil, they often create tunnels near the foundation of your home. Here are some of the signs of termite damage you might see outside your house:

• circular, light yellowish mud shelter tubes that go over or around solid, impermeable objects
• mud on wooden fences, or even in patches of dead grass
• wood fascia/trim on the home can be hollowed out

A termite infested area can smell like mildew or mold, so be aware of this type of odor. Also, termites like to hide, so they’ll scurry if disturbed.

Now that you know what termite damage looks like, if you believe you have these pests, come into any of our 5 Valley-wide stores so we can help you get rid of them. We can also help you prevent termites from ever damaging your home in the first place.