You may have heard nightmare bed bug stories on the news or from a friend and wondered, where do bed bugs come from? Or maybe you’ve discovered bed bugs in your home and want to know how they got there and how to get rid of them … for good.

In our previous bed bug blog, Taylor, a Bug & Weed Mart customer and ASU student, candidly shared her bed bug experience. She noted that before getting bed bugs, she didn’t know what they looked like or what the signs were of having bed bugs. If she had known or taken preventative measures, she could have avoided itchy bites and the infestation. Taylor now believes the bed bugs came from a mattress left by a previous tenant. But, even if that was the case, the bed bugs likely weren’t limited to just being in the mattress; the walls are a common “fleeing place.”

where do bed bugs come from

Where do bed bugs come from? Used furniture and other places.

Here are some of the most common places bed bugs can come from:

  1. Used furniture
  2. Hostels, hotels
  3. House guests
  4. Neighbors (in apartments/condos/townhomes, etc.)
  5. Family

Knowing what to look for with bed bugs is obviously very important. Not only knowing what to look for, but exactly WHERE to find them is where Bug & Weed Mart can help you.

If you’re worried about getting bed bugs while traveling, we sell a bed bug luggage spray that you spray on the inside of suitcases, travel bags, and purses. Another item to pack is our bed bug test strips, which you can use in hotels or houses you visit. To better protect your home, we have mattress protectors and other products that help keep bed bugs out or keep them from coming back.

Now that you know the answer to “Where do bed bugs come from?” and how to prevent them, we hope you never experience a bed bug nightmare like Taylor’s.