Telling someone to keep calm when they think they have a bed bug infestation is one thing, but before getting too worked up, it’s important to stop and consider that it may not be bed bugs after all. There are actually many bugs that look like bed bugs, which often lead us to jump (no pun intended) to the wrong conclusion! Fortunately, these tried and tested tips will help give you peace of mind and confirm if your sighting is in fact a bed bug or just another Arizona household pest trying to wreak havoc.

6 step checklist for identifying bed bugs: bugs that look like bed bugs

  1. Check its color: Bed bugs are typically copper brown in color when mature and a translucent white in their nymph stage. Other bugs that look like bed bugs and are similar in color include the carpet beetle.
  2. ID it: The first step to ID the pest is guesstimate its size. A bed bug is generally 3/16 of an inch. If this is a task too difficult for you, capture the creepy crawly and bring it into any of our five Valley locations and we will ID it. Proper ID of the bug guarantees we find the right solution to combat the problem.
  3. Check if it can fly: Bed bugs have front wings, but they serve no function. They are crawlers by nature. So if the bug that you’ve encountered can fly, you can rule out that it’s a bed bug.
  4. Check its shape and features: The carpet beetle is oval and looks like a bed bug. However, there are a couple of distinguishing features that set a bed bug apart from other pests. Bed bugs are horizontally flat and have four antennae.
  5. Check for bites: If you or other members in the household are finding bug bites on their arms and legs, chances are you either have bed bugs or fleas on the loose. If it doesn’t bite, you may have a family of carpet or spider beetles visiting.
  6. Figure out its food source: Finally, identifying the food source will tell you if you are dealing with actual bed bugs or something that resembles the little vampires. If you notice holes in household fabrics, and have not been bitten, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have a bed bug infestation

Don’t let bugs that look like bed bugs alarm you unnecessarily. And, if you do get through our checklist and discover bed bugs are on the loose, take back the power with our do-it-yourself products and solutions today.