How to get rid of sewer roaches

How To Get Rid of Sewer Roaches

There are at least 20 different species of cockroaches in Arizona. Some people call cockroaches sewer roaches or even water bugs, but they are all the same thing. Learning how to get rid of sewer roaches is what really matters.

We sell insecticide granules that are safe around pets and kids and a hand spreader is used to distribute the granules around trees, shrubs, and other areas outside where sewer roaches like to hang out, like your rock and other landscaping. And since they are safe around your plants, your flowers and succulents will still bloom and grow.

Wherever you have concrete, wood, and stucco, use a liquid spray in your tank sprayer and create a barrier roughly 2 feet up your house and 2 feet out from your house. Spraying around caulked door frames and windows will deter roaches from crawling through any tiny cracks into your home.

Contrary to popular belief, although they are often found in bathtubs and kitchen sinks, sewer roaches do not come in through the drain pipes. Most sewer roaches come from the ground. They burrow into moist areas under landscaping and planter boxes, gravel, river rock, and in sprinkler/water meter boxes. They thrive in moist, dark environments and spend most of their lives hiding. Without a consistent food or water supply, or a place to hide, they’ll quickly find someplace else to live. In addition to spreading granules and spraying, we have a few more tips so you know…

How to get rid of sewer roaches:

  • Remove clutter, lawn trimmings, leaves, & yard clippings away from home.
  • Repair leaks in garden hoses, sprinkler lines, & hose bibs.
  • Seal off any entry points, such as holes or cracks with caulk (check around pipes, baseboards, doors and windows for possible cracks).
  • Promptly take your recycling and trash out.
  • Keep food containers – including pet food – sealed shut.

Killing bugs as you see them versus killing them AND keeping them from coming back is what makes Bug & Weed Mart stand out from the competition. We have a proven cockroach eradication method that employs only 3 specific steps, using professional-strength, EPA-approved products.

2 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Sewer Roaches”

  1. You have one thing wrong in your article….they do come through the drains….we stood and watched three of them come out of the drain…and we see feelers in the overflow holes in our sink!!

    1. Actually, roaches are commonly observed, yes, with their heads/antennae often leading the charge out of overflow weeps/vents and drains. Which could make one conclude that the roach “crawled through the drain”. But beneath the drain is a P-Trap, which roaches cannot ford. They, like most other insects, cannot swim through that P-Trap fluid…unless the water to the system feeding that drain was turned off, the fluid in the P-Trap dried, and then the roach potentially could find passage.

      Usually, the roach crawls down the drain/into the overflow, and we then “scare” them out.

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