do my own pest control in scottsdale, azWe all have experienced being bitten by an insect. Whether mosquitoes, biting flies, mites, bedbugs, fleas, or spiders, nobody likes a bug bite. The swollen or reddened skin, often irritated even more by the insatiable urge to scratch it, makes for a really uncomfortable experience.

Then sometimes, adding insult to injury, this attack repeats itself on a daily or nightly basis. When this occurs, you know there is a specific pest problem that needs to be addressed. If you’re wondering “How to do my own pest control in Scottsdale, AZ,” then we can help.

What should you do? Here are 3 steps to help:

  1. ID the pest. Don’t recognize it? Bring it to us. Don’t see it? We’ll show you a few tips about where to look to help you catch the pest. Proper ID of the pest means we can help you find the most effective solution for treatment.
  2. Define the specific area where the bites occur (on the front porch, lying on the couch watching TV, in bed, on your yacht, in the back yard, etc.). Figure out where they attack, so we understand where you need to focus your treatment.
  3. Note the time(s) of day when the bites occur. Is it only at night? Or when it rains? Does it happen when the temperature rises, or when the wind blows? We probably know what’s bugging you if we know the details.

At Bug & Weed Mart, we sell professional-grade, safe, environmentally-friendly pesticides. If you’re asking yourself, “How to do my own pest control in Scottsdale, AZ” or anywhere else in the Phoenix metro area, come into any one of our 5 Valley locations. We provide personalized advice for all your pest control needs. And we’re open 6 days a week.