Creepiest Scorpion Contest

During our now more than 40 years of business, Bug & Weed Mart has helped solve untold numbers of pest problems for our customers.  The one pest that agitates customers more than anything else is the scorpion. In fact, we have been hearing outrageous, yet true, stories of scorpion encounters for so long, we’ve decided to do something about it: we will pay $1,000 for the most impressive story we can find!

The winner of the $1,000 prize must present the Creepiest Scorpion Contest story we have ever heard or seen. It can be something that happened recently or something that happened a long time ago. If you don’t have a story yet, get your black light out and start hunting! If you happen to find you have a scorpion problem, here are some tips to help:

  1. Keep sides of home clear of debris, leaves, woodpiles, etc.
  2. Apply granules around all sides of your home (except on concrete surfaces).
  3. Apply inside spray along all baseboards, in closets, under sinks, and around door trim.
  4.  Apply outside spray 2′ up home wall, and 2′ out from home on patio slabs, around door/window frames, along eaves, around garage door frame, and along edges of sidewalks and patios.

Update as of May 2016: The 2014 Creepiest Scorpion Contest has crept away (just like scorpions in the night), but stay tuned for upcoming contests!