Rodents and feral cats need a place to live. Bugs like hiding places. Scorpions, roaches, and snakes prefer sleeping undisturbed. All these pests look for places where they can tuck themselves in until it’s time to search for food and water. If you’re providing free room and board, pests will be more than happy to keep living where they are. However, if you do not provide refuge and regular meals for them, they’ll go elsewhere, hoping to find what they need to survive. DIY pest control in Gilbert, AZ is easy when you de-clutter to control pests. In fact, de-cluttering works wherever you live.

There are many easy ways to keep pests from invading your home and property. You can get rid of them once they arrive, but a better move would be to stop them from making your home their home in the first place. Piles of landscape debris and stacks of firewood outside are attractive to pests. Boxes, piles of clothes, and stacks of papers inside your house are an open invitation to bugs and rodents.

Here are a few things you can do now for DIY pest control in Gilbert, AZ:

Move all clutter away from your house. Get rid of any loose rocks, bricks, or wood that may have piled up. Move pallets, firewood, and other woody materials away from your house. Stack them as far from your home as possible if you need to keep them. Throw away trash, yard debris, old toys and tires, and unused buckets, as well as any other stuff in which pests could make a home. If they have no place to live, they will find another place to nest.

Get rid of all standing water. Repairing leaks in garden hoses, sprinkler lines, and hose bibs, as well as fixing gutter leaks, and re-directing a/c condensate lines away from your home deprives animals and bugs of a source of drinking water. This keeps pests from getting comfortable enough to drink what they believe you have supplied them. 

Remove clutter from inside your home. Trash cans should be emptied and have lids to discourage pests from searching for food. Make sure your drains are cleaned regularly, too, as pests like to scrounge there for food. A home that has crumbs on the counter or floor will eventually have bugs.

When you de-clutter the outside and inside of your home, you will cut down on the number of pests that are bugging you.

De-cluttering is key to keeping bugs out of your home. If you’ve taken all these steps and still have pests, our Store Managers will show you the best sprays, granules, and traps to get rid of whatever is bugging you. Visit any of our five Valley Bug & Weed Marts to see how easy it is to do DIY pest control in Gilbert, AZ, or Queen Creek, Mesa, Tempe, or anywhere else in the Phoenix metro area!

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