Mosquito ControlGlobally, more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes are known. And even though females are the ones that bite and suck blood, with their saliva causing an itchy rash, most people don’t care and prefer to keep all mosquitoes away from them. This makes mosquito control a very important part of pest control.

Mosquito Control

Since mosquitoes must have water to complete their life cycle, preventing mosquitoes from breeding is the best form of mosquito control. Stay away from stagnant water and make sure there is no standing water on your property so that mosquitoes have no place to lay their eggs. Rain and irrigation water can produce hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes if larvae are allowed to remain undisturbed for as few as three days. There are many more great tips so your home and yard can be mosquito free over on

Bug & Weed Mart sells bacterium granules that are safe for animals, but can control mosquito larvae from 100 square feet to up to four acres. We also sell an effective product that attracts mosquitoes in order to get rid of them!

Stop by one of our Valley-wide locations today to find out more about mosquito control solutions. Whether you are being pestered by insects, rodents, bugs, or weeds, Bug & Weed Mart has the knowledge and products to get rid of what’s bugging you.