Find out what many people have discovered – everybody needs a local weed and pest control supplier that they can count on. Bug & Weed Mart wants to be yours!

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We had a great experience in here. An older man helped us and he was great. He was not pushy and was very honest with us! He is a great employee. I wish I had got his name! We will be back. Thanks again!!

–Jenna B. on Yelp

Awesome customer service! The gentleman that helped me gave me VERY detailed instructions on how the product works, and how to make it as effective as possible. If you’re a first time do it yourselfer …. This is the place to go to.

– Stoney B. on Yelp

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I’ve been recently buying products here for pest control. I’ve had excellent results with their products. The staff has been extremely helpful with any questions I have asked. They’ve given me detailed instructions on how to safely use the products I have purchased. I highly recommend this store. Excellent products and excellent staff.

– Sandi S. on CitySearch

We had a horrible scorpion problem in our home to the point that I was afraid to even be in my house. It seemed like there were scorpions every time I turned around. I really hated living here and got to the point that I wanted to move. Then I heard about Bug and Weed Mart from a friend. So I went down to the store in Gilbert and spoke with the owner about my problem. He was very helpful and friendly and showed me exactly what I needed to get my scorpion problem under control. He wrote the instructions for each product down for me and gave me in-depth information on exactly how and when to apply each product. The next day, we sprinkled the granules around the outside perimeter of our home, sprayed inside and out, and waited. And waited some more. And continued waiting … No more scorpions! I can not thank Bug and Weed Mart enough. They know what they are doing and are very, very helpful to their customers. I am never going to call an over-priced exterminator again now that I have found such a great place to do it all myself. Thank you so much for helping me out!!

– Dawn M. on Google

The guys and Bug & Weed Mart (see Mike @ Baseline/Gilbert) totally hooked me up with the stuff I needed to zap those pesky Spring weeds … It knocked them dead in no time with 1 application. They know their stuff, have all the right supplies and excellent prices, too. They are time and money saver people. This is the only way to go to solve your bug and weed problems!

– Troy G. on Google

I always purchase a product to spray for scorpions around my house from Bug & Weed Mart. Their prices are reasonable and I can spray myself for much less compared to hiring this done by a pest company. The product kills scorpions and that’s what I want! Thank you for helping me to save money and stay pest free!

– Anonymous on SuperPages

Bug and Weed Mart saved my sanity When I discovered a bed bug in my house, and realized I wasn’t going to be able to afford an exterminator, I was totally freaked out. The manager was beyond helpful. Unlike the usual store experience nowadays of having a school kid who knows nothing trying to sell you a product (as he simultaneously takes a phone call through his headset — ugh), the B&WM Manager was knowledgeable, knew exactly what to do, provided me with not only the exact products to use, but freely gave me detailed instructions, a written handout, and boosted my confidence that I could do this. He didn’t rush me to the cash register but, instead, gave me all the time I needed to ask questions and absorb the answers so that, when I left, I felt confident in what I was doing. I went back several times for additional tips and fine-tuning, and each time he was as cordial and helpful as the first time. He was reassuring, he identified sample bug specimens I brought him, he never ran out of patience, and he even devised individual approaches for treating specific items in my house. Wow! This company knows what “customer service” means. It’s not over yet for me, but I’m making great progress and the end is in sight. What a relief. It’s really true that you CAN get rid of bed bugs with a do-it-yourself plan.

– Karen W.