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Our neighbors found signs of termites. They suggested we check our home. Sure enough, termites. We all went to the Bug & Weed Mart and the staff was EXTREMELY helpful. Jim talked us through exactly how to treat each property for termites; he explained and drew it out. The cost for each home was about $160, significantly less than the $750+ an extermination company proposed. Research showed exterminators dilute solutions significantly more than recommended, rendering treatment ineffective. It took a day of work, but we teamed up and did the work and together spent $320 instead of $1500+. It is now 8 months later and no signs of termites. We are confident treatment will last at least the 10 years Jim told us. We highly recommend Bug & Weed Mart; they truly are informed, knowledgeable and EXPERTS!

–Dorice Exline on Facebook

I don’t remember how I heard about you, but it was in 2006 when my wife and I purchased a resale home that had 100+ scorpions in the back yard (black light search at 11 pm over a one week period).  The house had been vacant for months and the food source for the scorpions were everywhere. Someone referred us to the Bug and Weed Mart, and we have never left. I have been to 3 of your locations multiple times over the past 5 years, and every time I have been so impressed with the service I have received.  Your employees never talk down to the customers, they will answer every question, they give the reasoning behind their answers (logic), the do not push anything, they are not cocky, they do not BS you, they just tell you the facts and you decide.

Very commendable no matter what times we are in, and very special in these times.

I have referred at least 300+ people to your store and personally escorted about 20 of them over the last 5 years.  Kudos to your employees!!!

My last visit was at the Scottsdale and Shea store on July 27, 2011. I had the time to chat and mentioned some of the above to Ed.  I spent about 45 minutes conversing with him, listening to his story (prompted by my questions), asking him a lot of questions about bugs (scorpions mainly), and just getting a life lesson from a great guy (he had some great stories).

I have never (I am 43 years old) written/blogged/called someone I have done business with to compliment them, which is a testament to your employees.  I work at a place that prides ourselves on customer service, and we deliver as well.  Not a lot of us out there it seems, however you have the formula as well.

I am not looking for a coupon, a job, a response, I just wanted to thank you and give some credit to how you are conducting your business.

See you folks soon.
– William May

Mike at the Bug & Weed Mart on Gilbert Rd. in Mesa is the best. He has helped me throughout the past 3 years with all my pest control needs. He is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met in this field. Thanks Mike for all your assistance. Keep up the good work.

– kirk9312Morena on YouTube

WOW! I went to your store on Central and C-back today with my new renter and will be telling everyone I see about how amazing your stores and products are! I was so impressed with your employee there (I’m sorry, he said his name…but I can’t remember it!) Anyway…he really knew everything frontwards and backwards and was so nice and great to work with.

We purchased the three product starter trio and will be applying it all tomorrow. This is just what we needed to control what could have been a cockroach population explosion in the new neighborhood. I thank you and the new neighbors will thank you too!!!

– Julie Douglas

“This summer, for the first time, we were getting three-five scorpions in the house each week. One of our clients owns the Bug & Weed Mart.  He sold us some granules for outside and spray solutions for inside and outside.  After applying all of the above, we stopped seeing scorpions. He estimates his solutions are up to ten times stronger than what most pest companies spray from a truck.”

– Sharon and Art Sandell, John Hall & Associates

“I had a “professional” pest control company spraying my house for years.  Despite their efforts, I still had crickets, roaches and spiders outside and occasionally inside the house.  Then one night we saw a scorpion.  My wife immediately wanted to sell the house and move. Shortly after this occurred I was at lunch one day and saw the Bug & Weed Mart store across the street from the restaurant I was at. I went in and talked to the nice man at the counter, and he recommended two products that would take care of my problem:  a spray concentrate and a granule.  I also purchased a black light and a sprayer. I went home that evening and applied the products as instructed.  I went around the entire perimeter of my yard by the fence, in gravel, and all around the foundation of my house.  I also applied it to the interior along the baseboards in every room. The next morning I went outside and could not believe the number of dead bugs on my patio, driveway and just around the house in general!  I am not sure what the “professionals” were spraying, but it did not come close to being as effective as the spray I got from Bug & Weed Mart. Within weeks, I was not seeing any crickets (I had a bunch of them).  Bugs I would see were DEAD.  I even found dead scorpions in my garage.  I then went on a night-time mission with my black light and a big screwdriver to exterminate any scorpions that might have escaped my spraying/granulating gauntlet.  I would find a couple here and there initially, but now I seldom find any. I also have convinced and sold my neighbors on the stuff and we all have seen a significant decline in the number of unwanted insects. I am completely sold on the products and will never use a pest control company again. If you want to control insects at your house, I highly recommend you purchase these products, follow the instructions the Bug & Weed Mart guy writes on the bottle for you, and be amazed at the results!”

– Brian

I’ve saved a lot of money by the do-it-yourself process…and told many people over the years about Bug & Weed Mart, and these people have always been very thankful…it makes it easier to pass on something that’s worked for my family! And, if you’re wondering, NO, I don’t work for Bug & Weed Mart or get a kick-back for referrals!”

– Dennis Green, Beazer Summerfield Regency Subdivision

“I found four scorpions in the house in two days (June 20).  I figured I had a problem, but didn’t know how bad it was, since I can’t see them outside that easily.   So on June 21, I went to Bug & Weed Mart and bought a black light and spray for the inside and granules and spray for the outside house and block fence. Both my neighbors use the same thing.  I talked to the guy behind me about the scorpions, since this was going to be a joint effort to get rid of them. When I got home that night, I used the black light before spraying.  I was overwhelmed at what I saw that night:  I saw over 36 scorpions on the block wall and six on the side of the house.  I sprayed them directly.  Day two I laid a good barrier around the house with granules and spray, and sprayed inside. That night I went out with the black light (this light is invaluable!): it lights them up like a Xmas tree.  I lit up 24 the second night; third night eight, fourth night 12; fifth night ten with one having babies; sixth night five; and seventh night three.  Total for the week was over 110. Week two:  The first four days I had the black light show 14, plus one with babies.  That’s a far cry from over 70 from week one, and I haven’t seen one inside.  This problem is not going away overnight, but I am all over them now.  I check the fence before I go to bed at night with the black light and swatter-kill as I see them. The cost is worth it compared to being stung, which hurts, and peace of mind, especially with my seven grandkids and a lot of pets.”

– Ty Cobb, Mesa


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