Do-It-Yourself Pest and Weed Control During Monsoon

Just as the monsoon arrives here in the Valley of the Sun, so do pests of every kind. Scorpions are enjoying the heat and moisture, but are often difficult to see. Crickets, however, let us know they are everywhere by incessantly chirping. They are easy to get rid of, once you know how to do [...]

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Killing Weeds in Winter IS Possible!

Killing Weeds in Winter IS Possible! Here in the Sonoran Desert, our relatively mild climate allows a broad range of weeds to flourish year-round.  Most people find that killing weeds is relatively easy in the warmer months, as high temperatures and little rainfall assist the actions of the herbicides. But when they try [...]

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How Do I Get Rid Of Weeds In The Lawn?

When temperatures are over 100 degrees, most of us who have lawns are using even more water to keep the grass growing.  Trouble is, with that added water, weeds can invade the lawn, and in just weeks they can really take over when left untreated. Then you ask yourself, “How do I get rid of [...]

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The Best Time To Apply Pre Emergent is Now

Even though we live in the Sonoran desert, we still have pesky weeds. Prevention is usually the most effective approach to killing weeds. Preventing weeds with a pre emergent works! Pre emergents are an herbicide, specifically engineered to interrupt a weed’s growth before germination of the seed has completed. In other words, it stops the weeds [...]

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