National Weed Your Garden DayWith monsoon just around the corner, we encourage you to set some time aside on June 13th, National Weed Your Garden Day, to stop these unwanted plants from growing out of control and turning your yard into an overgrown mess!

Apart from being unpleasing to the eye, an overgrown yard full of weeds presents an additional set of issues, which include a great place for unwanted critters to hide; think scorpions, noisy cicadas, and dare we say it, snakes!

Weeds are persistent, especially if you did not apply a pre-emergent in the spring. Fear not, a post-emergent will kill the weeds that are wreaking havoc on your yard. At Bug & Weed Mart, we carry commercial grade weed killing products and these post-emergent solutions are good to use on either acres of land or even just a small patch in your yard. It’s best to pick a sunny day for applying post-emergent; thankfully there’s no shortage of sunshine in the Valley! The heat allows the product to work its magic effectively and best of all, it won’t damage your lawn.

National Weed Your Garden Day and Beyond

You may find that you will need to apply the post-emergent beyond National Weed Your Garden Day. To keep your garden free of weeds, it can take a few applications, especially to kill more mature weeds. When you make this a part of your gardening tasks, you will see a noticeable difference after the first application. Young, actively growing weeds are easier to kill.

During the summer months, we tend to see a lot of nutgrass; this perennial weed thrives in hot weather and is quite resilient. Check out our blog on how to recognize this pesky weed and more tips for ridding your yard of it.

What to Use

Come fall, you should plan to spray a pre-emergent, which will make weeding and yard work less backbreaking come spring. Again, for this product to take effect, you will need to spray when the temperature is just right. We suggest picking a week when temperatures consecutively range from 55-60°.

If you just can’t seem to get a handle on your weed problem, the last resort is to use a sterilant, but we advise that you exercise caution here, as sterilants can harm plants, trees, and shrubs. Before going down this route, come speak with a member of our team at one of our six Valley locations. Our staff is highly knowledgeable in the area of combating weeds and will assess your situation to ensure you are using the best course of action to battle weeds.

Don’t get wigged out by weeds this summer, Bug & Weed Mart is here to help! To learn more about our products and services, subscribe to our YouTube channel; we have a ton of instructional videos and information on there, too.