weed killerWeeds get a bad rep, because they are plants that are not intentionally planted and have a tendency to be competitive in nature. There are almost 250,000 species of plants in the world and only 3% of those behave as weeds. The best way to keep a garden free of weeds is by keeping them from growing in the first place. Unfortunately, most people end up addressing the problem once the weeds begin to take over and it’s only then that they look for a weed killer. Fortunately, Bug & Weed Mart has the tools and safe products you need to help get rid of your weed problem.

Weeds can be relentless, especially during spring and if you have not applied pre-emergent. Pre-emergent treatment stops seeds from growing. It does not kill existing weeds, but it can prevent future weeds from growing for six months or more. The only way to kill the weed itself is by using weed killer, or post-emergent. Our weed killer products are professional, commercial grade and can be used to treat a small yard or acres of land. And they can control just about any weed, including spurge, crabgrass, nutgrass, and Bermuda grass.

When our weed killer is applied using a pump-up sprayer, the weeds absorb the herbicide, carrying it down to the root of the weed, effectively killing it. When applying the weed killer, choose a sunny day when the temperature is at least 72°. It’s faster, cheaper, and most effective! When using a post-emergent to kill weeds, you will be happy to note your lawn will not be harmed.

Our team of experts at Bug & Weed Mart is extremely knowledgeable and will show you exactly how to control your weed problem. Come see us for more info! We have 6 Valley-wide locations.