Hybrid Rodents: What to Watch Out For

Hybrid Rodent

There’s a new rat on the roof and he’s more resourceful than the ones we are accustomed to seeing. This hybrid rodent is causing turmoil in many Valley homes. Although not scientifically identified as a subspecies, the appearance of the hybrid rodent is rather different from their “cousins,” the roof rat and the pack rat.

The regular roof rat that we’re used to dealing with arrived in metro Phoenix more than 30 years ago. It has a long, hairless tail, typically lives in attics, and can travel along power lines from roof to roof. The hybrid rat has a shorter tail and larger ears. Although roof rats can survive inside and outside of the home, the hybrid rodents live predominately outdoors, but can easily move around and work their way indoors. When they make their way into the home, they can be an even bigger headache to deal with as they tend to live in confined spaces, like interior walls. They are also wreaking havoc in cars, finding ways to crawl up into engine compartments where they can cause major damage, chewing through hoses and other engine parts

In order to prevent roof rats and their “cousins” from invading your property, start by keeping your yard and/or garden clutter free. If you have fruit trees, make sure trees are picked regularly and dropped fruit is cleared from the ground. Keep storage sheds locked up to cut off access points and make sure to put garbage and recycling in sealed containers. Rodents of all kinds thrive on the smorgasbord of scraps of food they find in or around the home.

Ignoring roof rat and other rodent activity can quickly lead to costly structural damage to your home. If you suspect you have a traditional or hybrid rodent problem, act sooner rather than later. We will arm you with the same products professional pest control companies use, and give you the instructions you need to carry out the job effectively and see results. All of the products at our Valley-wide stores are EPA-registered. You can count on Bug & Weed Mart to always carry products that not only work, but are safe for your family and pets – including natural, organic, and eco-friendly choices.