clean-up after a monsoon

While we love the lightning shows and the cooler temps that a monsoon brings, these storms can wreak havoc on our yards. Trees may be uprooted, branches fallen and debris may be strewn on walkways and patios. If damage is minor, removing and disposing of branches and sweeping and raking up debris can be time consuming, but fairly easy to do yourself. Once the debris is removed, next steps should be protecting your yard and home from future storms and an infestation of pests and weeds that almost always come out in abundance after a storm hits.

Our top 10 storm clean-up tips include:

  1. Prevent opportunities for additional damage by trimming trees to remove loose or hanging branches or branches close to the roofline, to reduce potential damage that could occur from the next storm.
  1. Keep potted flowers and plants closer to the house and under overhangs to reduce chance of breakage or loss.
  1. Replant or replace older trees and plants that may be vulnerable to heavy winds.
  1. Stake younger trees to help strengthen and protect as the roots set in; check over the following weeks.
  1. If drainage around the house and yard is an issue, look at how you can regrade, add a drainage system or plant or build barriers. And remember to remove any standing water in empty pots, bird baths or any other areas, as these are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  1. Clear out gutters and drains to eliminate any build-up between storms.
  1. Spray grass and planters with pre-emergent to prevent weed growth before it begins.
  1. If you haven’t done so already, sprinkle granules around the perimeter of the house and yard to keep pests away.
  1. Check weather stripping around doors and windows, as these often loosen after a storm and crack over time from the hot Arizona sun.
  1. Clean out remaining clutter in the yard and around the exterior of the house, this includes loose rock, wood piles and old toys that need to be thrown out or donated.

Clean-up after a monsoon is more about protection and prevention for the next storm. If you are in need of a new sprayer or products to eliminate weeds and protect against pets, stop in at any of our five Valley stores. Our experts on staff are always glad to help.