How to Use a Tank Sprayer

Maintaining your pump-up tank sprayer is key to its longevity. In fact, we have customers who are still using the same sprayer they bought from us decades ago! Learning how to use a tank sprayer is very important. as long as you know how to use a tank sprayer, expect it to work well for many years.

How to Use a Tank Sprayer

  • Fill the sprayer no higher than the max-fill line with the bug or weed solution recommended
  • Pump the plunger tube until you start to meet resistance from the pressurization (don’t over-pump)
  • Spray (either a stream or spray) using the wand
  • After using your sprayer, empty any remaining solution from the tank
  • Remove/unscrew plunger tube, invert tank to drain
  • Rinse the tank out
  • Add 1 cup (8oz) water to tank; tighten the lid, & pressurize
  • Spray the water in the tank; this flushes any chemical residue out of the tank

Never leave any unused mixture in your tank sprayer. To avoid this, only mix what you plan to use at that time.

Bring your clean, empty pump-up sprayer into any of our Valley-wide locations. We’ll service your sprayer, and we have parts for all sprayers we sell (and some parts for other brands, too). If it’s time for a new sprayer, we have a great lineup for you to choose from.

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