Getting Your Garden Ready for Fall – Garden Pest Control

Learn about garden pest control
Learn about garden pest control

When you are ready to lay the groundwork of your garden in anticipation of the cooler temperatures, prepare the soil by returning nutrients that were removed by any spring and summer crops. A little bit of compost or aged manure will increase nutrients in the soil when you are preparing to plant another crop.

Since we live in the desert and it’s still hot at this time of the year, be aware that the dry soil makes it difficult to work the ground. It can also inhibit seed germination, so make use of an old-time trick by planting the seeds and watering them well, then try placing a board over the row until the sprouts just reach the surface of the soil; then remove the board.

But you also want to ensure pests don’t ruin your garden before it has a chance to start. By working the soil, you’ll be able to tell if it has bugs in it (termites live in the ground) or if it’s too compacted to allow for roots to spread and will require more digging or rototilling. Here are a few more tips to get your garden ready for fall and work on garden pest control:

  • Plant several different types of vegetables and herbs so that if bugs do invade your garden, you are
    likely to have something that survives to harvest.
  • Grow a decoy crop that pests are attracted to so they’ll leave your crops alone.
  • Weed out weeds, as well as any fruit or vegetable that has died.

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