weeds in the grassWhen temperatures are over 100 degrees, most of us who have lawns are using even more water to keep the grass growing.  Trouble is, with that added water, weeds can invade the lawn, and in just weeks they can really take over when left untreated. Then you ask yourself, “How do I get rid of weeds in the lawn?”

Bug & Weed Mart sells products that will kill those pesky weeds without damaging your grass or soil. Simple to mix, these liquid concentrates combine with water (and wetting agent, too!) in your pump-up sprayer OR even your hose-end sprayer for big jobs. By applying directly to the weeds, the weeds will absorb the herbicide, carrying it down to the root of the weed, killing it. Your grass will continue to flourish, unharmed! No more weeds in the lawn!

Come see us today at any of our five valley-wide locations.  Our store managers will help you determine exactly how much product you need, show you how to mix and apply it, provide you with custom-written instructions, and answer any other questions.  We sell the products, the wetting agents, and the sprayers, too. It’s as simple as that!

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