Even though we live in the Sonoran desert, we still have pesky weeds. Prevention is usually the most effective approach to killing weeds. Preventing weeds with a pre emergent works! Pre emergents are an herbicide, specifically engineered to interrupt a weed’s growth before germination of the seed has completed. In other words, it stops the weeds from even growing. Now is the time to apply this product for the best results.

As a general rule, every six months you should re-apply pre emergent. Here in the Valley, where weeds grow year-round, this herbicide may be used in your yard any time of year. Since they don’t kill any desired vegetation, pre emergents can be applied directly onto lawns, plants, shrubs, succulents, as well as onto landscaping rocks/gravel. Best of all, it will not harm your plants or pets, either!

The process is simple; please watch this short video on how to apply pre emergent.

Where weeds grow, pre emergents work. As long as they are applied correctly, that is. In the spring, a pre emergent should be applied when the temperatures are about 65–70°F for four days in a row. In the fall, a pre emergent should be applied when low temperatures are around 55–60°F for four consecutive nights. But if you aren’t sure about what type of weed you have or which product will work the best, come into any of our Valley-wide locations and our managers will show you exactly how to do it yourself. We have the products and sprayers you need, and we’ll make sure you know the right time for your future pre emergent applications, too. At Bug & Weed Mart, we carry ONLY professional-grade, easy-to-use, effective products and supplies.