Year Around Scorpion Protection

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Usually around this time of year, we notice less bug activity than during the warmer months. Accordingly, we tend to treat our homes less often. It is easy to forget altogether about “maintaining the barrier” that keeps bugs off your patio and away from your home. What we may not realize is that the mild climate we live in (i.e. lack of snow), also means that most insects, including scorpions, remain active here all year long.

The good news is that as the weather gets cooler, our treatments may last a bit longer than they did in the spring and summer months. These treatments create and “maintain the barrier” between the bugs and scorpions and your home. Here are four easy steps to protecting your home:

  1. Keep all sides of home clear of debris, leaves, woodpiles, etc.
  2. Apply granules in a 2-5 foot band around all sides of your home, especially where river rock or gravel lie. We will also show you other favorite hiding places where granules work best.
  3. Apply outside spray up home wall, completely applying around door/window frames, eaves, garage door frame, sidewalks and patio.
  4. Apply inside spray along all baseboards, every room, closets and door frames.

Many pest control companies say they can only take away scorpions’ food supplies (such as crickets); thus there will be fewer scorpions. We say that you can control scorpions completely!

At Bug & Weed Mart, we carry the exact products that professionals use, but we make sure you use them correctly. We enable you to do-it-yourself with a customized treatment instructions and professional-grade products for a safe and effective treatment every time. You’ll know how often, how much, and where to treat in order to get rid of what’s bugging you. Watch for our free scorpion eGuide coming soon.

For more than 34 years, we have been showing do-it-yourselfers exactly how to control pests and weeds with better results than ever before. Please visit any of our 5 valley-wide stores, 6 days a week.

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Bug and Weed Mart Has Scorpion Control Products

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Most of us here in the Valley of the Sun have, at one time or another, encountered a scorpion. They thrive in the Sonoran Desert, and the bark scorpion is the type we most commonly find here. Scorpions can live easily in many areas in and around your home. Not unlike many other insects, they need water, and are often found in places where a water source is nearby. They are famous for getting into woodpiles, under lawn & gardening equipment, into shoes left outdoors, underneath doormats, pots, planters, dead foliage, tree trimmings, watering cans, gravel, water meter boxes, etc.

But, like us, they recognize a more comfortable climate exists inside your home. And if you already have a bug problem IN your home, that is another food source for the scorpions. Especially spiders.

THIS is where Bug & Weed Mart can help you! Come into any of our 5 valley-wide locations, and tell us more about your property and what you have seen. We will customize an easy-to apply, environmentally safe treatment for you that will control not only scorpions, but also roaches, crickets, spiders, and most any other insect as well. Our Managers have the training, expertise, and time to show you exactly how to handle your entire pest and weed control needs.

All 5 Bug & Weed Mart stores are open Monday-Saturday.

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Get Rid of Scorpions!

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How Many Children Can You Have In One Year?

It’s a silly question, but it may give you something to think about!

For most of us, I hope, the answer is most likely one (with a few exceptions). After all, one is a pretty big deal, right? But in the insect world, the numbers tend to be a little bugger, er, I mean, bigger .

In the scorpion world, one is simply not enough. So here’s a nice big fat juicy statistic to take notice of: a female Scorpion is capable of producing 28 babies each time she gives birth…which is 4 x per year which then means = 132 babies each year…from one adult female scorpion. YIKES!

If you are seeing those little baby Bark Scorpions in your home, know that they are likely only a sample of the actual number in that given area. And until the Scorpions have reason NOT to inhabit the area, their presence will not naturally diminish. Scorpions are attracted to any water source. So first make sure that you have fixed any leaking water in and around your home. Then, come get the chemicals that will finish the rest of the job.

Fortunately, there are 5 Bug & Weed Mart stores in the greater Phoenix area, open 6 days a week, ready to serve! Our managers are prepared to help you conquer any Scorpion uprising you are experiencing (or ANY pest). We will also show you how to keep them away with effective techniques, environmentally safe, professional-grade products, and top-notch advice.

Come see us today at one of our 5 Valley-wide locations, or visit us at and watch our video on how to get rid of scorpions!

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How to Get Rid of Scorpions in Your Home Forever

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I’m not sure who came up with the saying that ‘the only good scorpion is a dead scorpion’, but my guess is that they were from Arizona! Scorpions by sheer design are not only menacing looking creatures, but are venomous by nature and can inflict potentially life-threatening stings to their prey.

That said, the mere thought of scorpions in or around your house and loved ones may be enough to want to send you screaming in the other direction, but the good news is this: Bug & Weed Mart can tell you exactly how to get rid of scorpions and to protect your home from these unsettling intruders. Our teams at each of our five locations are well-versed and knowledgeable in this type of pest prevention, and can help you to make your home more safe and secure. Read more »


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