You Have Weeds…Now What?

Weeds get a bad rep, because they are plants that are not intentionally planted and have a tendency to be competitive in nature. There are almost 250,000 species of plants in the world and only 3% of those behave as weeds. The best way to keep a garden free of weeds is by keeping them [...]

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Gardening in Arizona

Gardening in Arizona isn’t the same as gardening in other parts of the country, especially if you live in the more arid part of the state – the Phoenix metro area. The air is dryer, we have more sunny days, and the heat reaches relatively extreme degrees in the summer. The Sonoran Desert is considered [...]

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Get Results with Organic Garden Pest Control

If you're focused on healthier living as one of your New Year’s resolutions, you may want to consider starting an organic garden. There’s nothing better or more convenient than preparing a meal with fresh ingredients picked right from your own backyard and free of chemicals. Whether you plant a mix of herbs, vegetables, or fruits, [...]

Olive Tree Care

  This year, stop those nasty olive blossoms before they drop all over your walkways. Olive tree care is simpler than you might think. If you have olive trees, you may not know that you can prevent those olives from growing by applying a “growth regulator” to the tree. When properly applied at the right [...]

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Tips for Tree Trimming

When it comes to tree trimming, they are typically trimmed for one of three reasons: safety, the health of the tree, and aesthetic reasons, i.e. to enhance flowering. When to trim the tree comes down to a number of factors. The rule of thumb is not to trim in fall because the spores from decay [...]

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Winter Gardening: What You Need To Know

Place mulch in your garden to keep the ground warmer. Winter gardening sounds like an oxymoron, as we usually think more about sun and warm weather when it comes to working in the garden. Creating a beautiful garden come spring time can largely depend on keeping plants healthy during the winter months. As [...]

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Fall Outdoor Entertaining

Fall in much of Arizona is the time of year that residents most enjoy, with its cooler temperatures and clear blue skies. The beautiful weather makes fall outdoor entertaining ideal. The current trend in yard design is to make your backyard an extension of your interior living space. Some of the most popular ways to [...]

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Fall is the perfect time to plant a tree

With cooler temperatures just around the corner, it is an ideal time to prepare your yard and fall is the perfect time to plant a tree. The weather conditions during the fall months give trees a chance to establish their roots before the warmer temperatures stimulate major growth. We’ve put together our top tips for [...]

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How to Identify Common Garden Pests

When it comes to common garden pests, Arizona is not immune; despite what the desert landscape looks like to outsiders. Arizonans also struggle with many pesky pests that thrive on grazing off our delicious tomatoes and veggies. The seasoned gardener may have a keen eye when it comes to identifying pests, but still have problems [...]

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How to Clean Up After a Monsoon Storm Hits

While we love the lightning shows and the cooler temps that a monsoon brings, these storms can wreak havoc on our yards. Trees may be uprooted, branches fallen and debris may be strewn on walkways and patios. If damage is minor, removing and disposing of branches and sweeping and raking up debris can be time [...]

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