Be Proud Of Your Tank Sprayer . . . Take Care Of It!

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tank sprayer

Your Most Important Tool

If you’re going to do-it-yourself,  you’ve got to have the right tools. If you’re going to take care of your own bugs and weeds, the right tool to have is a tank sprayer.

Like any other mechanical tool, your pump-up sprayer needs basic care to keep it working.  Many of our customers find that the sprayer they bought from us years ago still works great (often over 20 years!). That is because (1) the sprayer was great quality, and (2) it was maintained by its owner.

To maintain your sprayer, you need not buy cleaning kits, brushes, detergents, etc.  Just follow these guidelines;

-When finished with any application, empty any remaining solution from the tank.

Remove/unscrew plunger tube, invert tank, & allow tank to drain completely.

-Then, pour 8-12oz of “rinse” water into the tank. 

Gently shake the tank a few times to evenly disperse/rinse.  After re-inserting the plunger tube, pump a few times, and spray out the “rinse” water completely.

-NEVER leave anything mixed in your sprayer (or ANY container) for storage. 

Tempting as it may be, this is a bad idea. Instead, mix only what you need for the application.  Excess/unused mix = lost $.

-Once every year, bring your empty, clean tank sprayer to us for a checkup. 

We will look it over and service it with a free lube. We’ll also check-up for leaky clamps, cracked hoses, clogged spray tips, etc. If your sprayer cannot be fixed, we have several great models to choose from.

Bug & Weed Mart has been helping others control their Pest & Weed problems for more than 35 years.  Stop into any of our 5 Valley-wide locations, open Monday-Saturday.

What To Look For In A Tank Sprayer

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Bug & Weed Mart Sells Sprayers?

You probably already know that at Bug & Weed Mart, we sell the very best, professional-strength, EPA-approved safe products for all of your pest and weed control needs. But what you may not know is that we also sell top-notch, affordable tank sprayers to apply these products with.

Does Price = Quality? YOU be the Judge!

Since going into business in 1979, we have sold over 35,000 tank sprayers.  In that time, we have learned a lot about what qualities to look for.  Here are just a few:

  • Tank body – simply put, a tank is a tank is a tank; care for your tank by completely emptying the tank when finished spraying. Read more »

Sale on FIMCO Sprayers!

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Spring is coming and so are the weeds and insects! To help you control these pests, Bug & Weed Mart is having a sale on our FIMCO 15 and 25-Gallon sprayers:


25-Gal w/Pistol Grip Handgun, Everyday Price 289.99, Sale Price 239.99, save $50.00

15-Gal w/Pistol Grip Handgun, Everyday Price 269.99, Sale Price 229.99, save $40.00

15-Gal Gal w/Lever Handgun, Everyday Price 219.99, Sale Price $189.99, save $30.00

Let us help you have a beautiful spring !

Care and Maintenance of your Sprayer

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Like any other mechanical tool or equipment, your pressurized tank sprayer for pest and weed control requires some basic care to keep it working efficiently and properly for years.  You do not need to buy any cleaning kits, fancy brushes, or additional detergents, etc.  In fact, all you really have to do is follow these simple steps: Read more »

Doing the Job Correctly: Start by Using Proper Equipment

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At Bug & Weed Mart Stores, we have more than 30 years in the business and a reputation for helping people be successful in applying their own pest and weed control.  Without question, we use safe, professional-strength products from the world’s leading and cutting edge chemical manufacturers.  We also sell several hi-quality, easy-to-use sprayers and other application equipment items that insure your treatment is applied safely, uniformly, and effectively.

When it comes to equipment, let us show you why all sprayers are NOT created equal!  For example, all of our handheld tank-sprayers, from 1.5qt size to 2 gallons, are made by none other than B&G Equipment Company, in Jackson, GA.  These MADE IN USA tanks are lightweight, compact, durable, and extremely efficient.  They allow you to “treat like a pro”.  Read more »


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At Bug & Weed Mart, where we have been assisting our customers with do-it-yourself pest and weed solutions for over 30 years, we have some BIG news!  In addition to carrying the very best pest and weed control products available, we now have added perhaps the finest pump-up sprayers ever made, from the reputable B&G Equipment Company.  B&G is recognized as the Industry Standard for professional-grade sprayers, and now they have provided us an exceptional, low/no maintenance, affordable sprayer lineup with a variety of sizes to meet your needs.
Whether its scorpions, bedbugs, weeds, roof rats, pigeons, roaches…whatever your pest problem is, let us help you arrive at a solution to get rid of what’s bugging YOU!  We have 5 stores valley-wide, open every day except Sunday.


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