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Bug & Weed Mart is a do-it-yourself pest control store with five Phoenix, Arizona area locations.

4 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Christmas Tree Bugs

This Christmas, before you deck any halls, consider taking four easy steps to keep from bringing bugs into your house via your Christmas tree. Maybe if Scrooge had followed these steps, he would not have said “Bah Humbug” so much. The fact is, your Christmas tree can be home to thousands of bugs, including aphids, [...]

Bug & Weed Mart to Help Victims of Domestic Abuse

Bug & Weed Mart will match donations to My Sisters' Place WHAT: To raise awareness and support for victims of domestic violence, Bug & Weed Mart’s five valley stores will host a fundraising drive during October in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The locally owned and operated retailer, specializing in DIY pest control, will [...]

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Bug & Weed Mart Celebrates 38th Anniversary!

September marks Bug & Weed Mart’s 38th anniversary of helping customers do their own pest and weed  control here in the Valley. We want to say thank you to the community that has supported us all these years. To show our appreciation, during the month of September when you make a purchase, your name will be entered in our [...]

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How to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas survive by consuming the blood of their hosts, which could be any mammal. They do not have wings, though they can jump about 50 times their body length. They have strong claws that allow them to hang on tightly so they're not dislodged from their host. Adult fleas are usually brown and up to [...]

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Are there lightning bugs in Arizona?

Lightning bug image courtesy of Martin McMullen. Lightning bugs, also called fireflies, are actually winged beetles, but their bioluminescent abilities set them apart from other insects because of that uniqueness. There are more than 136 species of lightning bugs, but unfortunately for those of us who live in the western part of the [...]

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5 Questions for Tonya Gardner

You don’t find a lot of women working in pest control, so it is not unusual for a customer to walk into Bug and Weed Mart and ask Tonya Gardner, one of our newest employees, to speak to someone in charge. “They assume because I’m female and I’m working the cash register, that I’m not [...]

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National Weed Your Garden Day

With monsoon just around the corner, we encourage you to set some time aside on June 13th, National Weed Your Garden Day, to stop these unwanted plants from growing out of control and turning your yard into an overgrown mess! Apart from being unpleasing to the eye, an overgrown yard full of weeds presents an [...]

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Renter v. Homeowner

As homeowners, we take some basic steps in order to keep our home and property pest-free and weed-free. We often do an Internet search for “pest control supplies near me” or “how to get rid of bugs.” But there is still the question, “Do I still need to do pest control if I rent?” The [...]

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DIY Pest Control Mesa Store Remodel

Mesa Store Gets Remodeled After 30 Years! In 1979, Jim LaBrie opened the first Bug and Weed Mart store in Mesa, not far from the current Mesa store location. The family-owned and -operated do-it-yourself retailer specializes in pest and weed control products. In 1987, the Mesa storefront was moved to its current location within the [...]

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