Shade sailsAs temperatures continue to soar throughout the Valley, we’re constantly looking for ways to stay cool and find shade. To avoid staying indoors all summer, there are ways to find some relief. One possible option is to create a usable outdoor living space that will allow you the opportunity to enjoy your backyard. Shade sails are a great way to block out the glare and heat of the sun and a nice way to enhance any patio. Installation and supplies are relatively cheap and sail shades are easy to set up and install.

How to get the most out of your shade sails

Before installing shade sails in your yard, you should pick the spot that gets the most sun in order to make this space usable again. Have your tape measure handy to help figure out how many square feet you have to play with before purchasing all the supplies you’ll need. While shade sails offer protection from the sun, they can also really transform your outdoor living space. We suggest opting for bright colors that reflect rather than attract the sun.

Shade sails are tensioned among several anchor points, usually be means of stainless steel rods, and a pulley-type system is fixed at each corner of the shade. It is recommended to install shade sails with a snap hook at each corner, making it easy to release them, especially during monsoon.

More shade tips

Another way to get some much needed shade in your backyard is to add some shade trees. If you are an SRP customer, you can take advantage of their shade tree program and summer workshops. The workshops held throughout the East Valley by the Valley Permaculture Alliance teach homeowners valuable landscaping lessons and offer great tips about eligible trees, and the best planting and care methods. When you attend these free workshops, SRP provides participants with two free shade trees. Seating is limited, so it’s recommended to register in advance.

While the Arizona heat can be challenging, don’t let the dog days of summer bring you down. For someone who enjoys a good DIY project, there are a variety of shade project options that will help you take control so you can enjoy your backyard this summer.