How to Get Rid of SnakesSpring is prime time for snakes to start coming out of hibernation. If you go for walks or go hiking, you’ll often see snakes sunning themselves on rocks. As long as you see snakes, you know to stay away from them. But you may be wondering how to get rid of snakes if they’re around your house and you don’t know they’re there right away.

Pets – especially dogs – are curious by nature and will probably want to find out what these long, slithery creatures are if they find them in your yard or even in your garage. You don’t want Fido getting bitten, after all. Keeping snakes away from your pets and children or grandchildren is important, so knowing how to get rid of snakes is an excellent reason to come into Bug & Weed Mart.

We sell snake repellent granules that repel snakes so well, snakes will not cross over where the granules are applied.  Typically, a 5″ banded perimeter application is effective in keeping snakes away, though you should consider increasing that perimeter to 12″ for rattlesnakes.  Most of our customers buy the granules in the spring as an annual application.

Some snakes are beneficial to an area since they control the rodent population, so you can always snap a picture – from a safe distance, of course – and show us what you’re dealing with. We can then guide you to the best product and application to keep your family safe.

At Bug & Weed Mart, we can help you get rid of what’s bugging you, so stop into any of our 5 Valley-wide locations and talk with one of our managers to learn not only how to get rid of snakes, but other pests and weeds, too.