tree trimmingWhen it comes to tree trimming, they are typically trimmed for one of three reasons: safety, the health of the tree, and aesthetic reasons, i.e. to enhance flowering. When to trim the tree comes down to a number of factors. The rule of thumb is not to trim in fall because the spores from decay fungi grow like wildfire at this time of year. However, fall is the best time of year to plant a tree.

Here are our top tips for tree trimming:

  • Trim in dormant season: Pruning in winter is common practice. The only exception is when a hazard exists; that’s where the safety factor comes into play. Trees that bloom in mid to late summer should be trimmed in winter or the beginning of spring. For trees that flower in spring, prune when their flowers fade.
  • Consider the size of the branch: If the branch is less than 2 inches in diameter, you can go ahead and trim it back. But if it’s between 2 inches and 4 inches in diameter, you probably shouldn’t cut it back. If the diameter is greater than 4 inches, you should leave it unless there is a good reason for trimming. It’s better to prune away branches when they are young, as they are much easier to manage and the risk of leaving nasty scars is less likely.
  • V-shaped over U-shaped: Focus on trimming weak, V-shaped branches and maintain the stronger U-shaped branches.
  • Avoid trimming too close or too long: Never remove the branch collar or leave a large stump.
  • Keep the ratio right: Once you are done trimming, the ratio of living crown to tree should be two-thirds. If you need to trim farther, you should keep lateral branches spaced evenly, trim branches that cut off others, and never trim more than one-fourth of a living crown at one time. If you remove too many branches near the lower half, it can prevent the tree from growing a strong and healthy stem.

Following our top tips for tree trimming will help keep your yard well maintained, but to truly maintain a healthy environment where your trees can flourish, you should also consider weed and pest control. You can learn more about our products and yard equipment here.

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  4. Adam March 10, 2018 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    Love the article! Tree trimming is an art and one to be learned and crafted. Especially when you’re doing it for customers. I’ve been serving customers’ and their trees for years now and I know how happy they get when they’re trees and shrubs are finished their regular pruning and trimming. Great info!

  5. Vincent Smith April 30, 2018 at 11:27 pm - Reply


    Tree trimming is really a necessity.Humans are not the only ones to be affected by ozone alerts in various parts of the world.Most commonly planted trees in the nation’s urban forest also suffer from high levels of ozone pollution.

    Hazardous trees pose a danger to people and property.Trees should be pruned after planting to remove broken, damaged, diseased or dead branches.

    The major thing you need to do is to make a perfect plan according to your ideas for tree trimming and then make an estimate of your project.Finally, you can visit experienced designers who can make your ideas come true.

    Thanks for the wonderful idea.
    Vincent Smith

  6. Karl Anderson July 4, 2018 at 3:20 am - Reply

    My wife has been worried about the trees in our yard causing a problem and while I’ve told her that they’re nothing to be worried about, I might need to get her some peace of mind. I liked that you had mentioned that having the trees trimmed can be good to protect their health and stop them from falling unexpectedly.

  7. Joseph September 10, 2018 at 9:07 pm - Reply

    Great advice for tree trimming, I always like to call on a certified arborist if I’m uncertain or have a question that I myself can’t answer.

  8. Tree triming September 30, 2018 at 11:16 am - Reply

    Hi Joseph,
    if you want to save a trees of garden then the best solution for it to get the suggestions of different gardeners and given a proper water daily according to the required period of a time because according to my thinking the health problems of different trees in a garden are starting from the trees due to the issue of water can’t observe by roots on time and you stemps of trees are thin day day and problem are increase so must contact daily with the Gardner and greeting information about the health of trees so the save of trees from the attack of insects in a garden .
    Thanks .

    • J. LaBrie October 1, 2018 at 9:27 am - Reply

      Indeed, the health of the plant, first and foremost, should be assessed well before introduction of any herbicides, chemicals, etc. Our job is to help you once you have confirmed that you have a pest issue. Sometimes getting an opinion from your local nursery expert also can help provide answers as to soil health/nutrition, water retention or drainage issues, exposure, etc.

      Great point, thx for sharing!

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