Do-It-Yourself Pest and Weed Control During MonsoonJust as the monsoon arrives here in the Valley of the Sun, so do pests of every kind. Scorpions are enjoying the heat and moisture, but are often difficult to see. Crickets, however, let us know they are everywhere by incessantly chirping. They are easy to get rid of, once you know how to do it. Bug & Weed Mart is your go-to store for do-it-yourself pest and weed control.

We can show you which products to use to get rid of crickets. But we’ll also show you how to use those products so that you really do get rid of those annoying, chirping insects, as well as the ones you can’t see or hear. Scorpions like to eat crickets, so getting rid of crickets also eliminates the need for scorpions to invade your home looking for their next meal.

Monsoon storms also mean that all that rain makes weeds pop up. If you didn’t apply pre-emergent, then you are probably seeing lots of green in among your landscape rocks or weeds throughout your lawn. With our do-it-yourself pest and weed control products, you can stop weeds from even growing or kill them before they get too big.

Our do-it-yourself pest and weed control products are safe around children and pets and can be used all year long to get rid of what’s bugging you. Stop in at any of our five Phoenix metro stores to see how we can help you get rid of crickets, scorpions, rodents, or other bugs, as well as weeds. We’ll select the right sprays, granules, sprayers, and everything else you need, and we’ll give you personalized instructions for you to use our products at your house, condo, apartment, or business. You can do-it-yourself, on your own schedule, using the same products the pros use.