Killing Weeds in Winter IS Possible!

Killing Weeds in Winter IS Possible!

Here in the Sonoran Desert, our relatively mild climate allows a broad range of weeds to flourish year-round.  Most people find that killing weeds is relatively easy in the warmer months, as high temperatures and little rainfall assist the actions of the herbicides. But when they try to kill weeds in winter, they often see poor results, or worse, they fail altogether.  The reason for this is simple: you need to use an herbicide that is designed to work in cooler weather, and these herbicides are not easy to find…unless you come to Bug & Weed Mart!

We have a selection of excellent products for killing weeds in winter that will end your frustration and allow your application to succeed!  These products are all professional-grade, EPA-approved, and available in a variety of sizes for any application.  Come into any of our 5 stores, and we will show you exactly how to safely and effectively apply them.

Bug & Weed Mart. Do It Yourself. Do it for Less. Do it Right!

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