March is the Best Time for Pre-Emergent!

When it comes to killing weeds, most garden experts agree that PREVENTION is usually the most effective approach. Here where we live, in the Sonoran desert, as the shoulder season arrives, the months of March and September become most common for pre-emergent application (although anytime of the year will still work).

What is a pre-emergent? It is an herbicide, specifically engineered to interrupt a weed’s growth before germination of the seed has completed, hence stopping weed leaf growth. Applied usually 2 times per year, it is safe to use in grass, planters, shrubs, desert/rock landscapes, dirt, alleys, etc. Whether you have 500 square feet or 5 acres, we have the pre-emergent for you. Again, the idea is to prevent weeds once the temperatures start to rise. Thus, here in Arizona, where 2012 produced virtually zero freezing temperatures, a pre-emergent is extremely helpful in a 12-month growing season!

Here at Bug & Weed Mart, we carry ONLY professional-grade, easy-to-use, effective pre-emergents. We listen to you, learn where you want to treat, then show you the best product and EXACTLY how to use it. We even provide you with an individual Treatment Plan that reminds you of the fine details!
So why would anyone wait to put down their pre-emergent? Or, better yet, think of it this way: would you rather watch baseball games, or pull weeds this summer on Sundays? Clearly, now is the perfect time. Come see us and let us help you develop an easy, safe, method of controlling unwanted vegetation. Oh, and once you have, you can also then claim your Sundays back for good!


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